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Thread: BF3 Server Config Tutorial

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    Question BF3 Server Config Tutorial

    I didn't couldn't see a bf3 server config tutorial anywhere and thought it may come in handy for people who are new to bf3 servers to get them started , if it has already been posted please delete this.

    Setting Default Config Quickmatch Hardcore Infantry
    vars.autoBalance true true true True
    vars.friendlyFire False False True False
    vars.killCam true true false True
    vars.miniMap true true true true
    vars.hud true true false true
    vars.crossHair true
    vars.3dSpotting true true false true
    vars.miniMapSpotting true true true true
    vars.3pCam true true false false
    vars.nameTag True true false true
    vars.regenerateHealth True True False True
    vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true true true False
    vars.soldierHealth 100 100 60 100
    vars.playerRespawnTime 100 100 100 100
    vars.playerManDownTime 100 100 100 100
    vars.bulletDamage 100 100 100 100
    vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false false true False

    To change the amount of tickets on for a round you can add the following to your config

    vars.gameModeCounter 100

    This command works in % so say the default amount of tickets was 300 (100%), changing this value to 200 would increase the tickets to 600
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    As above - rented a game server last night - previously only set up local steam/source servers so a little confusing for a noob admin. Do you know the syntax for the reserve slot list?

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    Unfortunately the reserve slot list functions don't work in BF3. Something that was promised iwhen the game was first released, but has never been implimented and it seems EA/DICE are saying it never will be.

    I volunteer to help with this forum but don't work for Gaming Deluxe so I don't have access to support systems

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    Ive pinned this useful info :)

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    Reserved slots will come, trust me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fruity View Post
    Reserved slots will come, trust me.
    They have, seen on procon news it says in the new r25 patch it has reserved slot functionality included :)

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